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I really enjoy well crafted Anime Music Videos, in this post I will review some of my favourites.

If you just want to see the videos, here is my playlist.

The Boy Who Murdered Love by ONEWAYS

A very nice AMV combining characters from Hyouka, one of my favourites animes, with Minori from Toradora!, another anime well received by the community.

The edit is amazing and you won’t even notice that some characters come from another series.

Fun fact: This AMV has almost ten times more views than the original music video.

The Girl Who Caught Love by ONEWAYS

Another amazing AMV from ONEWAYS. It is incredible how they always insert characters from another series like they just belong there.

The animes used are: Your Lie in April and Nozaki-kun.

That girl! by DiabyX

A well edited AMV of Nisekoi. It ships best girl with the protagonist using different scenes and makes a very good usage of the song’s lyrics and typography.

Singular Strike Gentleman by Glitzer

A simple yet fun AMV of One Punch Man. The follow the lyrics approach works quite well with this song and anime.

Let’s play Ball by ID君

I have to give props to the editor just for the sheer amount of animes used in this AMV. The transitions are also quite smooth and the video is overall quite well edited.

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